How to Login:

The link below will open the Certificates page in a new tab. Please read this page in its entirety before you proceed to the Certificates page. The current tab, containing the instructions, will remain open. You can always toggle back and forth between the instructions and the Certificates page.

Visit our website at: www.mma-mw.com

Click on the button next to

Enter your Login ID and password:
     Login ID: condo
     Password: condopass

From the Customer Services Menu, click "Click here for a Certificate of Insurance".

  • 1. Enter the first four letters of the name of your condo association and click "Search"
  • 2. Select the name of the association from the results list
  • 3. Select the certificate from the "Certificate Selection List".


Complete the following fields on the Certificate Form:

Certificate Holder Information

The mortgage lender is the certificate holder. (The unit owner is the holder if there is no mortgage)
GROUP CODE This is a required field.

Group codes are listed numerically and are associated with street numbers. Scroll down the list to find the address that you are looking for. If you hover over the group code, the full address will appear. Verify that the street name is correct.


Description of Operations

Enter the unit owner’s name and mailing address:
a. Select the Lookup button and click on the title "Condos"
b. The following prompts will prefill into the Description of Operations field:
Unit Owner:
City, ST, Zip:
Loan # (last 4 #'s):


Delivery Information

Enter YOUR email address ([email protected] is there by default)
a. Select "send me confirmation" to have a pdf copy sent to this email address
b. Select "View on Screen" to view and print the certificate Disable pop-up blockers


Recipient #1, #2, #3

You have the option to send copies of the certificate to multiple recipients


Click Submit Request

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]


We recommend you PRINT this page after reviewing it for directions to assist you in navigating our CSR-24 Certificate Website and expedite the creation of your requested Certificate
Documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format require the free Adobe Reader to view. If you don't have Adobe Reader already, you can Download it here