Risk Management Concepts and Alternatives

With over 40 years of Commercial and Personal Lines Property and Casualty Insurance Sales and Marketing, I am comfortable in helping my clients select the correct coverage at an affordable price. The last 17 years I have concentrated in the Common Interest Developments "CID's" (Condos & HOA's) where the newness (40) years of this lifestyle has been constantly evolving. I work with not just Unit Owners, Attorneys, CPA's, Reserve Specialists, other Insurance Providers and a multitude of Business Partners providing landscaping, Damage Restoration Contractors, Roofing, Blacktop, Etc..

My staunch support of the Community Association's Institute (CAI), national non-profit founded by HUD and the Urban Land Institute has educated me in the intricacies of this booming habitational lifestyle. Not only have I learned the insurance abnormalities by serving on the Insurance and Risk Management Committee and earning the Community Association chairman of the Chapter Development Committee and active in my local Ohio Valley Chapter where I have become a student of this movement.

My expertise has enabled me to promote that "the right relationship is everything" by selling what insurance does by focusing on results rather than on cheaper premiums.

To view our two-part risk management guidelines document, follow the below links:

          Part one
          Part two