Having the right insurance coverage for your community association is but one part of a total insurance portfolio.  The second part is risk advisories.  Not every agent knows how to assist their clients with risk advisories concerns, but my background with HUD and the Urban Land Institute has educated me in the intricacies of this booming habitation lifestyle.  

It is critical that you have a risk advisories program in place to help mitigate the risks to your community association.  

A Comprehensive Risk Advisories Program features four components:

  • Risk Avoidance
  • Mitigation or Prevention
  • Risk Transfer
  • Risk Retention

At CAINS, we work with you to identify these risks and create a program that is right for your community association.


Leak Log
A “Leak Log” is an easy way for building managers or owners to keep track of leaks and pipe failures. It’s also an important part of properly managing your building and protecting your residents. Complete the form to request a free copy of the Leak Log.

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